The Learning Trip

Acquiring Knowledge

Learning is a key part of human development. We all benefit from a continuous flow of information and knowledge that we process and assimilate. That ultimately fulfils us and exercises the mind at the same time.

The mind needs a constant set of stimulus (as in learning new things and skills) otherwise it becomes static and boring. It starts to lose its grip. I tend to think the learning ends when we finish high school, or a little later when we complete our college education in our early adult years. After that we work. But that’s not necessarily how it should be and learning as part of any daily physical exercise should become part of your training regimen to a healthy body.

Never to Late to Learn

The good thing is that now learning after the school and college years is now more accessible than ever and we should all be able to find a college or institute that has adult classes. And these can now bewildering in their range and diversity. Now’s a great time to explore what’s out there.

However not all of us are able or inclined to learn for learning’s sake. But we must all find a way of reducing the amount of tv we watch. TV is the great time waster of our age. So many man hours are spent in front of. Far more time than is spent doing a day’s work – that’s a lot of hours.

Stretching Your Mind

Hobbies, clubs, sports. Almost anything is better than sitting for hours, snacking and just consuming mind numbing content. Hobbies, clubs and societies, especially the ones you’re really passionate about will occupy you in many ways. But the main thing is that your exercising you brain the way it needs to be exercised by learning, rationalizing, assimilating. A constant feedback loop for nurturing your mind.

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